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Here’s Something You Can Do Right Now for Your Dog’s Anxiety

For dogs, anxiety comes in many forms. It can mean excessive drooling for one while another will jump every time somebody turns on the water faucet, or runs the dishwasher, or a thousand other daily activities that make anxiety-ridden dogs lose their calm. Some dogs simply do not react properly to strangers and visitors to your house. That’s yet another sign of anxiety. Whatever the case my be for your dog, it’s embarrassing and unpleasant.…

Anxiety Nervous Dog
Why is Your Dog Nervous

It’s no joke: dogs suffer anxiety just like people do. And just like in people, anxiety can manifest itself in dozens of different ways. Maybe your dog flies off the handle when the doorbell rings. Maybe he even loses it when people merely walk by on the sidewalk. Or maybe your dog growls inappropriately, like when a friendly stranger reaches out to pet him. Noise phobias anyone? While it’s pretty easy to identify the signs…