Author Jennifer Nelson

Benadryl For Dogs
Liquid Benadryl For Dogs – Here’s What You Need To Know

Benadryl is a very useful over the counter medication for people that can treat a variety of conditions in dogs. These conditions range from allergies to anxiety to motion sickness. While liquid Benadryl for dogs hasn’t been FDA approved, veterinarians across the country recommend it as an effective and safe treatment for several conditions. While the tablet form is ideal for many dogs, it isn’t the right choice for every dog. Here’s what you need…

Antihistamine For Dogs – What You Need to Know?

You may have heard that some over the counter medications for people, such as antihistamines, are safe for dogs to use. What do you need to know about using an antihistamine for dogs before using one on your own dog? Are they safe? What are the common uses? Which one should you use for your dog? How do you dose it? You should always discuss over the counter medication use with your veterinarian first. Here’s…