How much benadryl for a dog with allergies or hives


We are all aware on how annoying hives can be, but of course there are lots of medicines that can get rid of the hives; however, what if your dog experiences hives, would you know what to give them? Dogs can also get hives, but there really isn’t a specific medicine that is made to get rid of only dogs’ hives.

Which is why there aren’t many options to choose from when trying to treat your canines hives. When dogs experience hives, there will be bumps all over their bodies and will start to itch like crazy, and honestly, it isn’t a pleasant feeling to see your dog suffer from the condition.

What Can You Give Your Dog If They Hives?

If your dog currently has hives and you are certain that they cannot tolerate the itchiness, then you should really consider giving them Benadryl. We are all aware on how dogs aren’t allowed to take certain medicines and eat a couple of foods, but you may be surprised on how dogs are allowed to take Benadryl.

How much benadryl for a dog with allergies or hives really depends on size.  Here’s a chart that shows recommended dosages.

How Much Benadryl Can I Give My Dog?

The amount of Benadryl you can give your dog all varies on how big your dog is, their breed, and of course, how severe their hives are. You will normally give your dog about 1mg every pound about 3 times a day, but there really isn’t any certainty considering the fact that every dog should have a different dosage. To be sure, you should ask your vet how much your dog can take because 1mg may either be too much for them or not enough for them. If your dogs’ hives is pretty severe, then they will probably need more than 1mg, but if it’s not that severe, then you will give them less.

Is It Really Safe To Give Your Dog Benadryl?

According to a huge amount of vets around the world, it is completely safe to give your dog Benadryl. Once your dog takes Benadryl, their hives will automatically get better and will slowly flatten and lessen. You will need to consult your dogs vet first before they take Benadryl because your dog could possibly not have hives. Though if the vet allows you to give your dog Benadryl, then do not hesitate to give them the medicine because it will really help get rid of the condition. Hives is a condition that many dogs experience, but sadly there isn’t a specific hives medicine that was made for dogs.

So basically, if your dog currently has hives, then bring them to their vet and ask them if they can take Benadryl because it will certainly demolish their hives; however, only give your dog Benadryl if ever they cannot handle the itchiness of the hives anymore, because if you continuously give them the medicine, Benadryl will eventually not have much of an affect to them. Only give your dog the Benadryl if they really can’t tolerate the itchiness of hives.


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