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Benadryl for Dogs Anxiety


Did you know that dogs have anxiety problems just like humans? Did you know you can use benadryl for dog’s anxiety? A lot of the times it goes unnoticed because we think just because her dogs that have emotions like we do. That’s just silly.

Dogs are happy, sad, anxious just like human beings depending on what’s going on around. Luckily it can easily be treated using a simple over-the-counter medication. Benadryl for dogs anxiety is a great way to help calm the nerves of man’s best friend without breaking the bank on a trip to the vet.

Most people don’t realize you use Benadryl for dogs

in fact most over-the-counter medications are safe for dogs. But for whatever reason it slips the minds of most everyone the same thing that works for us and work for dog. But luckily it can and it’s very safe in most cases. if you’re skeptical about using Benadryl for dogs is make a call your vet actually should do that anytime you are starting a treatment for dog just like you would if you were many give your child a new medication.

Most the time your vet will likely say it’s fine to use Benadryl to treat whatever issue your dog may be having. Depending on individual circumstance you may not be able to treat your dog Benadryl. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give the the vet a call.

There are lots of causes for anxiety in dogs

Similar to humans, dogs react to the environment that they’re in.  Believe it or not they can sense their stress in the house or something just isn’t right. If you ever wondered why your dog won’t eat while you’re away on vacation? It’s because they know something’s different something in their routine is changed and it causes a change in them. That’s no different than how humans react so it’s no wonder the some of the same treatments for human can work in dogs.

Car rides another trigger for dogs anxiety. Using Benadryl for dogs anxiety during car rides can be a lifesaver if you’re going in the distance and all if you ever ridden in a car for 14 hours with the dogs it’s pacing frantically jumping from backseat the front seat whining and whimpering, barking yelping you know any. It’s getting a little Benadryl to the dog helps phenomenal for.

Just like you would with the child you want to make sure you use the proper amount of Benadryl for dogs.A good rule some is 1 mg per 1 pound dog. If you give him the medication 2 to 3 times per day for 2 to 3 weeks with very little risk of side effects.

If after those three weeks are up you’re still finding unique treat your dog, it’s probably time to call a vet. In fact it wouldn’t hurt to call a vet prior to starting treatment in cases anything out of the ordinary with your specific dogMost of the time dogs to take over the counter medications with little issue but it’s hard to make generalizations like that knowing every case is individual

So if you have a dog that struggles with anxiety don’t be afraid to use Benadryl for dogs to help.


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