Can You Give A Dog Benadryl For Long Car Rides


Dogs, much the same as some humans can suffer from motion sickness. Especially on long tedious car rides, where surroundings are unfamiliar. Dogs typically are very territorial and many feel most comfortable in surroundings they know. They become accustomed to daily routines much the same as we humans do.

Long car rides, routine daily schedules that have changed, unfamiliar surroundings, and much more, can cause your dog to be a nervous wreck. An obvious side effect would be nausea and over zealous behavior. In some dogs constant motion, such as in long car rides is just not tolerable. So a lot of people ask “Can You Give A Dog Benadryl For Long Car Rides?”

Sometimes even providing your dog with their familiar dog feeding bowls, dog bed and dog toys can be helpful , but not always. When even those efforts fail to calm the dog it may be necessary to seek a medication to help the dog.

One such medication commonly used to treat motion sickness in dogs is Benadryl. This medication can be purchased over the counter at the nearest drug or department store. The typical dosage for dogs is 1 mg, per pound of the dog. Granted, this is higher than what would be given to a human, however it is the recommended dosage for canines.

Do not use Benadryl decongestant or Benadryl for colds or any other type of Benadryl. Is benadryl safe for dogs is something all dog owners want to know.

You simply want to use Benadryl with the only ingredient to be listed as: diphenhydramine. You can get the Benadryl in liquid form, such as children’s Benadry or pill form. Pill form may be more difficult to administer for small dogs because the pills are already tiny. In the event you need to break the tablet ( 1 mg. per pound) , it may be difficult to break. The liquid form is easier to measure for accuracy.

Should you opt to use the pill form you can use just a dab of peanut butter and cover the pill in it. Offer it to your dog as though it as a treat and the pill sticks to the peanut butter, assuring it is consumed. Naturally, if your dog suffers from any serious illnesses consult with your veterinarian prior to administering any medication.

Long Car rides and Benadryl for dogs can be the recipe for a peaceful drive helping to eliminate the motion sickness in your dog. In some cases Benadryl can cause an upset stomach in humans.

To offset this possability in your dog, offer food with the medicine right after his peanut butter/pill treat. In the event you opt for the liquid Benadryl use a child’s medicine dropper to draw up the correct dosage.

Give it to the dog orally. It should not be mixed with his water because this would nullify the medications affect.

The Benadryl has a calming effect and does cause slight drowsiness in the dog. The dog will rest but will not be totally lethargic. It will calm the dog and cause just a bit of drowsiness and ease any possibility of motion sickness.

It can be administered to the dog every 8 hours safely. Your dog enjoys being with you but sometimes needs just a bit of help regarding motion sickness on a long car ride. Using the Benadryl for dogs on a long car ride can make the trip far less stressful and more enjoyable for your and your canine partner.


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