Can You Give a Dog Benadryl if They are a Puppy


Puppies are the most playful, beautiful creature in our homes. There curiosity about everything will have them chasing after everything moving or bright in the house or within your backyard. While young the immunity system of these puppies is usually very low making them very much in danger of getting sick, so they need special care. While playing in the backyard they may stumble onto a bee and start chasing it and end up getting stung or a snake bite and they may start itching or end up with an allergic reaction. Puppies are just like babies they get sick and need proper care and attention without fast treatment it is very scary to think what might happen to your beautiful puppy.

The best over-the-counter medicine for treating allergic reaction in dogs is Benadryl.

This antihistamine was released for public use in 1946 and has been in use since then. This antihistamine can be used to treat allergic reactions in human as well as in dogs and cats. For years this medicine has been used to treat dogs who get attacked by insect and experience any allergic reactions, so it is a must have medicine in your first aid kits.

Liquid benadryl is not the best options for your puppy as it has high alcohol content a pill or capsule form is better. This drug has worked perfectly with bigger dogs, but can it be used to treat puppies?

Can you give a dog benadryl if they are a puppy?

Benadryl is a very powerful allergy medicine which is administered to a dog on a strict dose as it is very easy to overdose it on benadryl and end up killing the dog. Normally a strict dose of 1mg per pound of dog is recommended by the veterinary. The dog may go into anaphylactic shock when experiencing an allergic reaction, if benadryl is not administered in time and in the right dose. So yes, this is the best shot you have to save your puppy and restore it to full perfect health in no time. 1mg per pound of the dogs weight after every 8 to 12 hours.

Benadryl is a very effective anti-histamine which can help the puppy against itching, control vomiting, help against motion sickness and it can be used as a mild tranquilizer. If your puppy gets bitten by snake, sting by either a bee or a wasp or any insect bite this is the best drug to use. This drug can also help your puppy sleep over along journey and not disturb you while driving.

Is it safe to administer this drug for allergic reaction to puppies? This medicine is recommended for puppies over four months old as their body has developed enough to fight off any side effect which can be caused by administering of benadryl. Puppies younger than 4 months cannot handle this powerful antihistamine well so it is best to contact your veterinarian first before administering this drug to the puppy. The veterinarian might give you another option to give your puppy or explain to you how much dose to give your young puppy and what side effects to expect.


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