Ease Your Dogs Pain With A Simple Dog Hives Treatment


The reason you want to find a simple dog hives treatment is because your dog will try to bite at them until they bleed, which will cause further complications down the road. You want to let the hives heal themselves and within a day they will disappear.

The best thing you can do for your dog is to try and identify the source that is causing your dog to breakout. Pay close attention to what you give your dog to eat, what he comes in contact with and if he has gotten bitten by any insects. If you can identify the reason for your dogs breakouts, that will eliminate the problem, but let’s deal with the matter at hand. We need to make your dog more comfortable now before he completely rips those hives off his skin and causes an infection.


If your dog has hives on his face, this can not only be painful, it can be very dangerous. The swelling can affect eyesight and cause extreme pain. The best type of treatment for hives on sensitive areas of his face, nose and ears would be to purchase an antihistamine from your local pharmacy. The hives will go away on there own in a day but you want to make your dog as comfortable as possible. This will also make him a little tired, which will keep him from wanting to scratch at the itching on his face.


Set up your dogs bath outside. Purchase an herb called yellow dock. You can find this herb at most health stores in your area. You need to boil a few cups of water and then add one tablespoon of the herb to the water. Stir and wait until the mixture is cool. After you run the mixture through a strainer, pour the solution onto the infected area of your dog. This dog hives treatment is very inexpensive but very effective at stopping itching. Allow your dogs coat to dry completely before letting him run away.


If you can not find yellow dock you can also use green tea. As before set up the dog bath outside and boil two cups of water. Put two green tea bags in a bowl and add the hot water. Leave the tea bags alone until the water is cool, then place the dog in the tub and run the the water over the hives. The tea will naturally go to work at reducing the swelling and control your dogs need to itch.


To moisten and soothe your dogs skin you can use oats to help eliminate his uncomfortable itchy skin. Boil two quarts of water, add a pound of organic oats and wait until soft. When the solution is cool add to your dogs bath water and simply let the solution flow over his infected areas. This simple dog hives treatment will work wonders in helping reduce his pain and need to scratch.


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