Homemade Dry Dog Shampoo


Did you know you need to keep your pet clean between actual bathings? Unlike humans, our dogs only receive baths periodically. Because of this reason, it’s critical to keep their coats in good shape by using a homemade dry dog shampoo.

Don’t freak out, they are extremely easy to make, like most homemade dog shampoo is. You basically have 3 proven options at your fingertips.

First – You can use Calcium Carbonate.

Second – You can use a simple unscented talcum powder.

Third – You can use plain old baby powder.

The choice really comes down to what you have at your fingertips when you want to give your dog a dry bath.

The purpose of the dry bath to absorb the oils that have built up since the last real bath. The actual procedure for giving the bath is very simple.

First – Apply the powder of your choice and rub it in well.
Second – Leave it sit for about 20-30 minutes.
Third – Remove the powder with a soft bristle brush checking to see you got all of it out.

You can also checkout commercial waterless sprays if you’d rather shell out your hard earned cash instead of just using this little tip.

Use your judgement when deciding how often to give your dog a dry bath, and remember homemade dog shampoo is a great alternative to commercial alternatives. You get to control what’s in there and they work great.


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