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Thundershirt Review – Drug Free Anxiety Treatment For Dogs

The Thundershirt is touted as a new drug free treatment to help reactive dogs deal with stressful situations, but is the Thundershirt really the miracle cure the hype would make you believe? If you are a pet owner struggling with a reactive dog or nervous cat, then you will have undoubtedly seen the adverts online for the Thundershirt. Marketed as a revolutionary and drug free treatment to help your pet deal with fear and anxiety,…

Reviews dog food
7 Things To Look For When Buying Dog Food

How picky are you when choosing your dog food? Do you spend as much time thinking about their nutritional needs as you do your own? If not, you could be making a big mistake and your dog may not be getting the nutrition they need to remain healthy.Feeding your dog a high quality food will have multiple benefits:Their coat will be healthy and shiny.His¬†immune system will remain strong.Her¬†digestive system will remain healthy.The options available when…

3 Easy Ways to Help Your Pet Tackle Allergies

…without resorting to steroids, Benadryl, & other scary treatments with negative side effects Browse the allergy section at any drugstore and and you’ll find shelves full of chemical-laden products that leave you with annoying and sometimes even dangerous side effects. Well it’s the same for pets. When allergies bring them down, they want allergy relief too but given a choice, could probably do without the negative side effects that come with taking strong drugs. Besides,…

Reviews Pet Medical Insurance
The Truth About Pet Medical Insurance

Does Your Pet Need Medical Insurance? How to Decide If you’re a pet owner, it’s a sure bet that you’ve run across the idea of buying pet insurance at least one time or another. And if you’re like most people, you probably thought it sounded good at the time but didn’t look into it because you had a thousand other things competing for your attention. But the question still remains: should you get pet insurance?…