Treating Acute Hot Spots On Dogs


If you love your dog, then seeing him in pain or uncomfortable, is not a pleasant sight. Hot spots are one of the things that tend to make dogs uncomfortable. A hot spot is a warm, swollen, painful and itchy patch that manifests itself on the skin of the dog.

This condition can occur in any part of the skin, it causes the pet to scratch, rub or chew on the wound. If care is not taken hot spots on dogs, can end up being acute. However, do not fear as there are ways to prevent this from occurring. This article shall educate on how to prevent the occurrence of acute hot spots. Use these tips together with any medication that the dog has been prescribed.

Wash your dog

The first step in cleaning is to trim the fur around the affected area. This is so as to prevent the hot spot from being irritated or infected when dirt gets trapped on the fur. Trimming also makes it easier to apply medication. After you have trimmed the fur, clean the sores with an antibacterial liquid, Betadine solution is commonly recommended by many veterinarians. Soak the solution on a cotton ball and use it to dab the area twice every day. Make sure to do it gently so as not to hurt the dog.

Soothe the area

Look for creams that can be used to soothe the hot spots on dogs. Veterinarians recommend applying a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream on the area twice a day after cleaning. Make sure the cream dries and that the dog does not lick the surface. Other products that you can use include aloe Vera gel, Burrow’s solution and vitamin E capsule. It is important to have the dog checked for any allergies that may arise from using any of the above. Soothing calms the area and makes it less probable for the dog to scratch the area.

Get rid of anything triggering itchiness

Factors such as lice, tick, fleas or parasites are responsible for causing dogs to scratch. If they occur in areas that already have hot spots, the area should be treated for the above. The factors can trigger itchiness which can worsen the condition of hot spots.

After you wash your dog make sure to dry it thoroughly. This is so as to prevent the manifestation of bacteria which are attracted to hot or humid conditions. If your dog still cannot resist the urge to itch, there are collars such as: the BiteNot collar or Elizabethan collar that can be used as a preventative measure for hot spots on dogs. Let him wear it until the hot spot has healed properly.


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