Can Dogs Have Benadryl


If you’re like most dog lovers you want to make sure your canine is cared for properly if they’re in need of medical attention.  Our first piece of advice here at benadryl for dogs is to always check with your vet before administering care at home.  With that being said, we’ll tackle the question of can dogs have benadryl?

The short answer is yes, and here’s our benadryl for dogs dosage chart to show you an idea of how much to give them.  This chart will give you an idea of how much medicine to give your pooch.  Wether you’re treating for a bee sting, hives, anxiety, or a long car ride, you can feel pretty comfortable giving your benadryl to your puppy or even older dogs.

Caution: Do not over do it with out speaking to your vet.

If you find yourself constantly administering care at home, you probably want to talk to your vet about a better solution.  They may have access to additional medicine that will take care of the problem for good.  (There is a reason they make the big bucks you know).

You should also always speak to your vet before giving benadryl, or any medicine for that matter, if your dog is pregnant or sick.

Let’s look at a few common scenarios where we can answer the question can you give a dog benadryl:

Can you use it for dogs that have anxiety? Yes, it’s effective for nervous dogs (especially if they’re going on long car rides).  However, using an anti-histamine for sedation like this can be a balancing act.  Remember to look at the dosage chart and to consult with your vet.

Can dogs have benadryl for bee stings? Yes, it’s very common for dogs to get stung by bees and a lot of time pet owners need a quick fix.  That’s where an OTC like benadryl can come in handy.  It’s also useful for hives and other irrations that will make your dog itch.

Even though dogs can have benadryl, there might be a better option.

In many cases your dog’s problems will not be cured from medicine of any kind.  Just like in humans, a dog’s diet plays a critically important role in their health.  Don’t get caught up in never ending spiral of modern medicine without trying to actually cure your dogs problems.


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