3 Easy Ways to Help Your Pet Tackle Allergies


…without resorting to steroids, Benadryl, & other scary treatments with negative side effects

Browse the allergy section at any drugstore and and you’ll find shelves full of chemical-laden products that leave you with annoying and sometimes even dangerous side effects.

Well it’s the same for pets. When allergies bring them down, they want allergy relief too but given a choice, could probably do without the negative side effects that come with taking strong drugs. Besides, did you know that Benadryl isn’t even effective for 80% of pets?

Just as scientists have made advances in natural health to help us all stay healthy naturally, they’ve made progress with pet remedies too. Now, to the relief of pet owners, there’s a full array of choices when it comes to treating pets for allergies with natural remedies.

To help you understand your choices when it comes to treating your dog’s or cat’s allergies, here are 3 easy ways to tackle those allergies naturally. We’ll even show you an example of a product that best represents each approach.

#1. Reduce Inflammation

Since the way that allergies most often manifest themselves in pets is dry, itchy, irritated, and inflamed skin, reducing inflammation is the number one way to relieve dogs and cats of their nagging, constant suffering from allergy symptoms.

Some vets might jump directly to the heavy-handed solution of injecting your pet with steroids to relieve itching and other symptoms. The problem with steroids, aside from the well-known and infamous negative side effects, is that the more you use them the less effective they become. So where does that leave your pet in the end? Nowhere.

Integrative Therapeutics Inflamzymeis a tablet remedy offering natural relief from inflammation. It works via natural ingredients like bromelain and quercetin without unnecessary additives. While those names may not mean a thing to you now, you’ll come to recognize them immediately once you learn more about natural allergy remedies. That’s because both ingredients are common in allergy treatments for humans as well as pets.

Take quercetin, for instance. According to WebMD, it’s used to treat symptoms of…

  • inflammation
  • asthma
  • hay fever

Another name for quercetin is bioflavenoid, which basically means plant extract. It’s found in all sorts of plants and foods that humans eat but which your pets might not get in their natural diet…apples, berries, onions, and red wine. The concentrated amounts of quercetin necessary to treat allergies can only be found in supplement form anyway.

Customers love that Inflamzyme is easy to administer, treats symptoms naturally, and that it takes effect within just days, even from full flare-up of symptoms. Some were disappointed that they saw no improvement in the condition of their dogs’ coats.

#2. Treat the Skin Where Inflammation Happens

Scratching the areas of skin where allergy symptoms show up only worsens the misery for your pet. Localized itching needs treatment on the spot, so treating the skin tissue is another way to help your pet with allergies.

Flea allergies in particular lead to overwhelming scratching activity and can drive your pet mad. Since the itching is thought to be worsened by the triple threat of heat and dampness plus the toxins released by the body as it fights allergens, then it only makes sense to treat the skin with a supplement that restores skin balance right where it happens.

This sort of natural treatment also works on eczema and psoriasis, since as you remove inflammatory toxins from the body, itching is reduced. Finally, a moisturizing treatment on the inflamed skin will go a long way towards relief and recovery.

Health Concerns Skin Balance is an herbal remedy that does all these things. Most importantly, it reduces the temperature on those hot, irritated and inflamed scratching spots on your pet’s skin. Toxins are removed via a traditional Chinese blend of natural ingredients used for centuries for the same thing in humans.

The skin is also nourished and the liver kept clear and healthy through herbal ingredients that have stood the test of time. The primary function of Health Concerns Skin Balance is to eliminate toxins that build up in the body as a result of allergen irritants such as inhalants, fleas, and skin irritants.

This product comes in tablet form which may have to be crushed in order to administer to cats. Customers love that it works even when Benadryl doesn’t and scratching is reduced without negative side effects.

The only “cons” reported by customers were that the pills seemed to cause mild gas in some dogs, and that the dosage was inconvenient for some people with hectic schedules (3 pills 3 times a day).

#3. Bring the Body into Homeopathic Balance

This third and final way to naturally treat your pet for allergies is by no means the easiest to understand. However, it’s possible that it’s the most effective overall since it treats allergies affecting the eyes, ears, nose, and throat as well as the skin where allergy symptoms show up.

Homeopathic allergy treatment focuses on the whole-body reaction to allergies and treats them in a systemic way. The immune system is a highly complex network of synergizing energies which work together in ways which science is only beginning to understand.

By treating allergy symptoms on a bioenergetic level to help the body communicate with itself via a healthy nervous system, homeopathic remedies seek to restore the entire body’s functions to their original, balanced, and healthy state.

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies Homeopathic is a highly-regarded allergy remedy for pets which makes use of these principles. Unlike the previous two products mentioned above, this is not an herbal remedy. It works on a deeper level to restore balance to your pet’s body, thereby improving all the bodily functions and helping your pet fight allergies naturally. It can be used to treat excessive licking as well as scratching due to fleabite allergies and other allergies your pet may encounter.

Customers who used this product report that it not only stopped the scratching and licking of paws but also the flow of eye discharge due to allergies. It worked even when steroid shots were ineffective. Ease of use is incredibly satisfying since the dosage is simply mixed in with pets’ drinking water. The only con was that customers thought this product was a little pricey.

All in all, this and the other two products mentioned here achieved very high levels of customer satisfaction…it only goes to show that natural products can and do work for pets of all shapes and sizes and that Benadryl, steroids and other drugs aren’t the only solution for pets with allergies.

If you’re interested in trying out some natural alternatives to help with your dog’s allergies.  Give the three below a shot.

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies Homeopathic

Health Concerns Skin Balance

Integrative Therapeutics Inflamzyme



  1. Our dog who is a wiemaraner has had pancreatitis since she was about 4 years old. she seems to get it only during flea season. Since this happens, I assume it’s due to a flea allergy. As long as we keep fleas off of her she’s fine. This month, however I forgot to get flea medicine, and we’re all suffering. Since I’m allergic to all insect bites and Benedryl helps me, I’m assuming it’ll help her. That’s why I came to your site. To find out if it will help her vomiting and losing weight, and lethargy in general. Thank you for the reply. She weighs about 50#s so I’ll give her 50 mg.

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